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Abhaya Simha is a two time National Film Award winning filmmaker. An alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). In his career spanning over 13 years, he has directed four feature films and over 300 video films. His films are screened in various International Film Festivals. Abhaya has also been visiting faculty in many prestigious institutions.



Amidst the hustle-bustle of a city, two children go on a quest to find a missing sparrow. Unable to find even a single sparrow in the city, children’s anxiety and guilt only grows after each encounter. The film brings focus to the realities of urban life, curious young minds and a dwindling biodiversity.

Cast and Crew

Script & Direction Abhaya Simha Produced by Media House Studio, B Suresha, Shylaja Nag Story NAM Ismail Cinematography Dr. Vikram Shrivastava Editing Narahalli Jnanesh Sound and Music Anmol Bhave Art Direction Chetan Mundadi Actors Abhilash Kashyap, Prakruti, Prathama, Anu Prabhakar, Rajesh N, Achuta, Bhavani, Arun Murthy, Rangayana Raghu, Girija Lokesh, Mukhya Mantri Chandru

Gubbachigalu gives an imaginative portrayal of a magic world that exists in the minds of children.

National Award Jury


Software professional Abhijit (Abhilash in Malayalam) (Mammooty) is Arun (Karunan in Malayalam) when he delves in to the pages of a novel written by Gopinath Shindhe (Gopinatha Pillai in malayalam). As Abijit evince interest in knowing more about the past history because the pages in the book are missing. He comes to Manjinadka the beautiful place rich in environment. Abijith comes to the place of Gopinath Shinde house that is almost on the verge of sale by his daughter Nanditha. Interesting here is that Abijith visualizes Nanditha as Aruna in the novel and he explains his intentions of knowing what happened further. As the story peddles from past to present the emergence of British rule, the tiger suffocating the people life in the village, the mad man surprises Abijith. The twist in the tale comes when the last clue to the past is cremated.

Cast and Crew

Script & Direction Abhaya Simha Producer K Manju Cinematography Dr. Vikram Shrivastava Editing Manohar Music V Harikrishna Dance Madan Harini Publicity design Jairam Ramachandran Actors Mammootty, Poonam Bajwa, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Mohan, Achutha, Ninasam Ashwath, Ninasam Sateesh, Chandrahas Ullal, Naveen D Padil, Innocent, Suresh Krishna, Tini Tom, Aditya

This is not a movie for those who solely enjoy the dishum dishum or running-around-the-tree sequences. It’s for movie lovers who enjoy a mix of romance, satire, revolutionary ideas and struggle for freedom, that has been excellently executed by director Abhaya Simha.

Times of India Bangalore

The call of the present day in the cinema is different presentation. In ‘Shikari’ with a top star like Mammootty the youngster Abhay in his second film made a solid homework in the neat execution of his film. Kudos to this kind of thinking by Abhay in the story presentation! It is a new experience for the viewers.



Vinni, a happy go lucky boy meets a disillusioned romantic, Neha. As he listens to Neha’s sad tales, he tells her how he was there in every corner being ignored by Neha! She finally falls in love with Vinni; falls in love with her own life and the blessings! Vinni creates lots of smiles all through this journey.

Cast and Crew

Script & Direction Abhaya Simha Producer Media House Studio, B Suresha, Shylaja Nag Cinematography Dr. Vikram Shrivastava Editing Joni Harsha Music V Harikrishna Art Direction Shashank Dance Harsha, Chinni Prakash Actors Ganesh, Deepa Sannidhi, Ananth Nag, Vinaya Prasad, Achyuta and others.

t’s a simple story with a romantic touch. Armed with a good script that keeps you entertained in many parts of the movie, director Abhay Simha has captured the emotions of a girl who is cheated by her lovers. Though she seeks to find some solace with the hero after two romantic tragedies, the girl is frustrated as he also cheats her. It is a neat family entertainer sans violence, vulgar dialogues and petty fights.

Times of India Bangalore


Paddayi is a modern-day adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ from Shakespeare. Madhava and Sugandhi are newly married. Their lust for better life and upward mobility is ignited by the prophecies from the spirits. They set out on a journey riding the tide of ambition in a boat dotted by their personalities.

Cast and Crew

Script & Director Abhaya Simha Producer Nityananda Pai Cinematography Vishnuprasad P Music Kadri Manikanth Editor Prashant Pandit Sound Jamie DSilva, Shishira K.V Production Rajesh Kudla, Shabarish Kabbinale Actors Mohan Sheni, Bindu Raxidi, Chandrahas Ullal, Gopinath Bhat, Ravi Bhat, Sadashiva Dharmasthala, Shrinidhi Achar, Avinash Rai, Mallika Jyotigudde, Vani Periodi, Santosh Shetty, Prabhakar Kapikad

Paddayi is a Fascinating, Layered Tulu Shakespearean Drama. Abhaya Simha’s retelling of Macbeth is a stunningly shot theological tale.

Prathyush Parasuraman
Film Companion

Paddayi is a cinematic offering that not only does justice to its source material in a manner that would make the Bard proud, but also reminds us why it earned the prestigious National award!

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Few Video Projects

Film Workshops

Abhaya Simha is a visiting faculty for films in many prestigious institutions. He conducts workshops on various subjects like writing, direction, editing and so on.

Film and Video Production

Writing, directing feature films, television series, corporate films, documentary films. Abhaya and his team has expertise in each field.

Cultural Documentations

Audiovisual documentation of cultural heritage is a long time passion. We work with Sanchi Foundation in this field and are proud partners of Creative Commons movement.


2018 – VOOT Head for Kannada Cluster
2017 – Paddayi – National Award | State Award | Indian Panorama
2016 – Selected for Asian script lab, Nepal
2016 – Hara Hara Mahadev | Kannada adaptation | writing
2016 – Selected for NFDC Script lab
2015 – FilmFare jury for Kannada films
2015 – Creative head Sudhee Networks Pvt. Ltd.
2014 – Sanchi Foundation starts
2013 – Sakkare – With Ganesh | Kannada romantic comedy
2012 – Shikari – With Mammootty | Kannada and Malyalam film
2010 – Berlinale | Part of Indian delegation of Young Filmmakers
2008 – Gubbachigalu – First Film. | National Award | Indian Panorama
2003 – Film and Television Institute of India (Film Direction)

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