Shikari team returns to Bangalore after almost 30 days of shooting in Tirthalli. The film is almost 80% complete and has turned out nice. Another 15 days of shoot will start by end of November. Past one month was an amazing journey. When I set out with my small team to Tirthalli on 9th of September, I was filled with anxiety and excitement. Mammootty sir was supposed to join us from 13th of September. Actress Poonam Bajwa was finalized at the last minute. In the classical filmy style, it was during my journey towards Tirthalli, the camera zoomed on to me and went out of focus (to show that I was going in to the flash back!) I rolled back in time to remember the journey so far.

Finalizing Poonam is an interesting story which I would like to tell you right here though it’s a small digression. As most of you know, for long time we have been searching for a heroin who would manage to essay this powerful role that too against the legendary actor like Mammootty. She also had to manage both Kannada and Malyalam show two separate getups and body language. For long time in spite of several meetings, discussions, we were unable to finalize on any lead actress. By then someone suggested Poonam Bajwa’s name. I got hold of one of her films. There she played a college going girl who was dancing in some foreign location, a stereo type girl with stereo type role. I was not sure if she could manage this role. However, we decided to meet her. Since the time was short, I had to meet her at the airport! Producer, my cameraman Vikram and my self met her at the airport. We discussed briefly about the project. I then convinced that she can manage this role. She is a confident, tasteful, sweet person. Both Vikram and I thought that she would be able to essay Nandita and Renuka in our film. That’s how she got onboard to Shikari. This decision was proven right later when we started shooting. Poonam is a real good, talented actress who can easily switch roles and perform with ease though she doesn’t know either Kannada or Malyalam!

Shikari started as a dream long back. About two years ago. Some time in June 2008 I was working on several stories none of which was convincing enough. It was a dull time when none of my stories seemed workable. It was then I stumbled across this idea for Shikari. Deep inside we all are in search of something. We all had dreams and desires. We all have displacement and re-conciliation within our selves. The hunt is always of one another. It’s a never ending hunt. Shikari gave me a chance to work on this idea of hunt within. When I thought of this idea, a story started popping up in my mind. I sat down to write it. It took three continuous days of writing and in one stretch it was over without any hitches! I was amazed. The story was not written by me, it wrote it self! I was happy, finally I had a convincing enough story to make a film!

… Will be continued.

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