When I got down at Cochin Airport and smelt the fresh salty air, I was reminded of my home town Mangalore. It also reminded me when I saw my first film of Mammukka. It was long back during the VHS times. Dad had got a new VCR and one of my grand mothers, Sita had gifted us some VHS tapes. There were two of Mammukka’s films in them. Watching Malyalam films was a passion to many in our side. Many didn’t even understand the language. But they were fascinated by the simplicity of the films and brilliancy in acting.

I met a friend, Abhilash in Cochin. He spoke to Gorge on my behalf and learnt that we were called to some shooting location. We traveled by an auto to that location. Mammootty sir was already there in the sets. It was a film called Pattanattil oru Bhootan. Mammootty sir was in double role. They were shooting the bike sequence when I reached there. Mammootty sir was riding the bike with a man with green mask on his face. It was a pleasure to look at him. My childhood hero was right in front of me! Still the same charismatic personality! I met Gorge for the first time. He looked much younger than I had expected. When Mammootty sir finished the shot and came back to his seat, Gorge asked me to sit next to Mammootty sir!

Mammootty sir asked few questions about Kannada industry, business in the industry etc. well, I was wondering how would I start about my film, hesitatingly, I asked him, sir what about my film? When can I give you a narration? Mammootty sir, casually said, “Well, I have read the script and I like it. We shall plan how do to it and when” I was shocked! Mammootty sir had agreed to do my film! All these happened in just three days! Unbelievable! So finally Mammootty sir was doing a Kannada film! I was thrilled and didn’t know what to say. I don’t even remember if I had the good sense to thank him! He was so simple and humble. He never made me realize that I was sitting next to a legend! I guess all great people are like that. Thus I had met the Super Star in the Cochin pattanam!

The later days involved discussion with a producer who had promised to do this film with Mammootty sir. But unfortunately, my producer met some sudden losses in his business; both the producer and my self had to see some tough time. In spite of his best efforts, the producer couldn’t support me. Then I was looking desperately for alternative sources to support my project.

I kept Mammootty sir informed about my difficulties and every time, he learnt about my difficulty, he sympathized with me and assured me that he is with me in my efforts. That it self gave me such moral boosting that I kept trying.

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