Makkala Mela Documentation

In the surroundings of Kundapura and Brahmavara, withing Badagu Tittu style of Yakshagana there are two important streaks of practice. Matpadi Style and Haradi Style. Saligrama children’s troupe started by H. Shreedhara Hande and now ably supported by his son Sujayendra Hande envisioned as a wonderful blend of both these streaks of performances in one.

The idea was to pick talented children who had inclination towards art from various schools in the area and train them in the art of Yakshagana in a traditional way. Only utilizing the free time that children would have from their regular schooling, the father son duo has created a impeccable team of children’s Yakshagana troupe. Though the artists are children, they don’t ask for excuse in terms of subject or quality of performance. Though theirs is a armature troupe, they are equal to any professional team in the area.

The team has won several laurels around the world. Keeping the idea of creating promising artists for tomorrow or creating great connoisseurs of Yakshagana who would keep this art alive, Saligrama Makkala Mela is doing a great job. The entire effort was documented along with performance of Babruvahana Kalaga Episode by us.