Finally my film Shikari is reaching the screens in
Kerala on 9th of March. Due to some unforeseen delays the film is releasing now
and it was becoming difficult to answer as to when the film would be released. It’s
a welcome relief for me and my team that it’s finally reaching the screens.

So what is the film
about? Shikari is not a masala film. It has fights, it has songs,
and it has dramatic scenes. However, it is also a film that will hopefully make
you think a bit.
is a hunt within all of us. It’s a hunt for answers for the questions of our
times. The film works in two time lines. Long back when British ruled our
country, there was a movement to bring back the independence to India. Some efforts were
violent and some non-violent. The ultimate goal was to be free and to rule
ourselves. But how far have we really lived that dream?

there are no physical colonies ruling us. But the modern colonies are in our
minds. They are so powerful yet faceless. Forget about fighting them, we don’t
even know they exist! So how do we fight them? Do we need to fight them at all?
is said that we learn from history. But do we really learn from history? If so,
then why this great unrest in our daily life? Aren’t these familiar issues we
have seen in the past? If we are somehow are enabled to re-live our past, will
we be able to solve the issues in a different, may be more matured way with the
new knowledge we have acquired over the years?
as a film hopes to raise several questions in the audience’s mind. It’s a film
that will make you think for a moment about the happenings of our daily life.
When the script was written in 2008, it was talking about a kind of revolution
which was still in the idea of masses. But today in 2012, it’s a reality! With
the kind of rebellion happening around the world including India, dream of democracy is
being re-discovered with its real meaning. Our film, Shikari talks about it.
We are reaching the screens
near you in Kerala from March 9th onwards. Come watch the film, lets start a
debate through this film that can may be someday contribute to the larger good
of our country.
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